This gel is composed entirely of viruses and can destroy bacteria and plastic

Back in the mid-twentieth century antibiotics designed to kill bacteria, was considered to be substances that can cure people almost from all diseases. However, the scientists were wrong — over time these miraculous substances become less effective because many types of bacteria have developed immunity against them. Today, scientists suspect that the best alternative to antibiotics may be the so-called bacteriophages — viruses that kill only specific kinds of bacteria without causing harm to others. Recently one was created a gel that can be applied to any wound and to be sure that all bacteria will be destroyed.

According to the method of their action, antibiotics are like nuclear bombs that destroy everything that gets in their way. Bacteriophages are more like snipers that kill only those purposes for which they indicate. Due to their tiny size, they easily penetrate inside the bacteria actively multiply until, until you break the body the dying bacteria. In the human organism bacteriophages in a huge number are contained in the nose, helping to purify the air from dangerous microbes. Anyway, they are very common in nature — in a single gram of soil there are more bacteriophages than people on the planet.

Useful viruses

For the first time about the existence of viruses, capable of destroying bacteria, scientists began to guess at the beginning of 1890-ies. That’s when the British bacteriologist Ernest Hankin began to study the principle of distribution of cholera — intestinal infection which becomes a sharp dehydration and death. The banks of the Ganges river disease-causing bacteria for some reason did not catch on, but in the sacred, according to local residents, water, dumped the bodies of dead people.Even now the river is a Paradise for deadly diseases.

The Ganges river is one of the dirtiest on Earth

Scientist has solved the mystery of the river only at the beginning of the XX century. It turned out that the banks have evolved a huge number of viruses-bacteriophages, which was purified cholera infected water before people had time to swim. For a long time scientists didn’t even try to use them for medical purposes, but in recent years they are confident that these viruses can save humanity.

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Antibacterial gel

Recently, scientists from Canada decided to create on the basis of these viruses gel, which effectively eliminates even large concentrations of bacteria. For this they grew in the lab a huge amount of bacteriophages that has brought them together and joined together using an adhesive component. In the end they did gel-like substance, in every millimeter of which contains 300 trillions of bacteriophages.

This drop of gel more viruses than people on Earth

If desired, scientists can change the molecular structure of bacteriophage, so they began to attack bacteria, which at the moment can’t handle the antibiotics. Also, researchers believe that bacteriophages can destroy cancer cells and even particles of plastic debris. While scientists have not shown the efficiency of your gel on, but it is hoped that in the future cancers and polluting plastic wastes can be destroyed, just putting on the gel.

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