This is a computer Ninja – months player free

Until recently it wasn’t easy to identify on the specifications of the computer Tyler wrap. a person who uses it to improve his numbers standard in free as “Ninja”.

Has come ning recently with a company NZXT collect his computer Ninja’s Build and all the components that he uses during the game free; and And here it is:

The system unit

Uses H700i White from NZXT price of$ 200, as well as blue priced at$250.


Hosts memory, RAM and Graphics Cards, the screen and processor panel N7 Z370 at a price of$250.



Intel Core i7 8700K priced at$ 350 on Amazon, which is an excellent processor for gaming.

Refrigerated processor

The ninja said in a live broadcast on Twitter that uses refrigerated special processor takes advantage of the fans, water, and air conditioning indoor, which is the NZXT Kraken X72 priced at$200.

But this differs from the chosen debtor location, NZXT, where the used model X62 least of them, although there is no big difference.

Cooling fans other


Based on the broadcast of Twitter, uses the ninja 3 fans 120mm NZXT AER RGB for a total price of$ 80 a cooling device cooling Kraken X72, 3 like the cooling unit of the system, and the big one 140mm NZXT AER RGB priced at$ 35 to suction hot air out of the system unit.

RAM – a-ram

Memory G. Skill Trident Z RGB capacity of 32 gigabytes is priced at 380$ on Amazon, knowing that that capacity may be exaggerated for ordinary players, but his benefit in running multiple applications such as live broadcasting of the game for the same.

Realtek screen

The best card currently for gaming, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti model SC2 from EVGA exist on Amazon now for 750$.

The screen

Screen Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor accurately FHD and the rate of refresh of 240 Hz, and G-Sync from Nvidia
Which help prevent stuttering and tearing the screen when the delayed broadcast (the occurrence of Lag), you’ll find it on Amazon at a price of 494$.

Units improvement

Uses Ninja units of SSD storage at 1 TB of storage: 1-terabyte Samsung 960 Evo M. 2 SSD, price-per-300$ on Amazon; it is distinguished from unit SSD normal that they don’t need an additional Cable for power and data.

Register files and other non-gaming uses my disk BarraCuda hard drives with a capacity of 4 terabytes, the price is actually$ 100 on Amazon.

Power supply

Uses Seasonic Focus Plus 80+ Gold at a price of 104$ on Amazon.


Mouse Logitech 502 Proteus Spectrum which is available in the range of$ 50 – $ 60 on Amazon.



Uses Ninja panel Logitech G610 Orion Red priced at$ 85 on Amazon.



As we see the wearer in the broadcast Twitter, Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro, priced at$ 180 on Amazon.

Source: Business Insider

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