This is a copy of AirPods Pro for 3 thousand rubles. Try to distinguish from the original

How much time is necessary to produce a copy of fresh new products from Apple? In the case of iPhone X it all happened very quickly. As soon as the competitors found out about the hole in the screen “ten”, so immediately began to mass produce smartphones with the same design flaw. They didn’t care how appropriate it looks, because their goal was to give users something that looks just like Apple. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that a copy of the AirPods Pro was released less than a week after the release of the original.

Chinese manufacturers have already begun to forge AirPods Pro and they look like the original

As found by colleagues from the publication Gizmochina, Chinese counterfeit manufacturers have already began to produce copies of AirPods Prothat look just like the original. The Chinese are so accurately copied the appearance of the headphones, even when direct comparison is almost impossible to understand what Apple has, and which gather craftsmen from China. However, it is possible that those other headphones are made by the same people, just at different times. Even the quality of the materials from which is made AirPods Pro seem to be identical.

How to distinguish a copy of AirPods Pro from the original

Left — original, right-to — copy

A thorough inspection of the exterior of headphones showed that the differences on which to draw users who are worried that they could slip a fake instead of the original, almost none. The first thing more or less different is the LED activity indicator on the charging case. The copy he is more dark, while the original lighter. However, relying on this is impossible. In the end, we should not exclude that the cause of this difference is the angle at which shooting was conducted, or features of the components used in production.

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A much more obvious way to distinguish a fake from the original is the inscription on the back of the charging case. If these AirPods Pro there habitual users of Apple devices marking “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”, the copy is nothing like that. Whether their manufacturer has decided that it is a violation of copyright, or simply decided not to spoil the appearance of the case is unnecessary labels, but the charging back cover copy is absolutely clean.

On the left is the copy right — original

But that unpleasant surprise, as is the fit of parts. If fake headphones the components of the opening mechanism of the case fitted to each other almost perfectly, the original everything is not so good. When looking at the case of these AirPods Pro clearly see the gaps between the component parts of the mechanism, which I personally could well take as a sign the Chinese copies. However, it opens a fake is not as wide as the original: about 90 degrees vs 120.

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Setup fake AirPods Pro is completely useless. Simply put, there is not a

Original AirPods Pro offer a wider range of settings than a copy

However, all becomes clear when you connect the AirPods Pro to a smart phone. Despite the fact that they both activate the animation on the iPhone screen when the lid is opened, the difference in their technical equipment still there. If the original headphones offer the user a wide range of settings – from the possibility to activate the active noise cancellation to test landing the Cup, then all of the copy is the ability to break the connection and forget headphones. The sound, too, the differences are enormous. The original sounds really juicy and bazovica, whereas the forgery is clearly not enough saturation.

Sounds like a copy of the AirPods Pro

What happens if you disassemble AirPods Pro

Apparently, the hardware of the fake headphones are fairly scarce, because they felt much lighter than the original. Probably due to the lack of similar microphone system providing noise reduction, and drivers. And if you remove the ear pads, you can see that the Chinese copy they are mounted completely different. Fakes the acoustic nozzle is white and elongated, while these AirPods Pro in its place something like a raised platform – probably something like a protection from the damage of the ear canal when too deep planting.

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However, the economy, which was forced to go manufacturer fake AirPods Pro, fully justified their price. The fact that the copy in the Chinese market is estimated at about $ 60, or 3800 rubles, while the original is in Russia, 21 thousand rubles, which is even more expensive than the iPhone 6s, which is still present in the sale. However, buying a AirPods Pro, you know that you pay for advanced technical capabilities, and all what you can expect when buying a knockoff is just an outward imitation, having nothing to do with the actual functionality of the original.

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