This is a record: Galaxy Note 9 in Russia pay for half the price

One can endlessly look at three things: how fire burns, water flows and cheaper flagships from Samsung. But if you can challenge statements about fire and water, in General, it is possible to do the same with machines Korean brand is unlikely to come. At least if we talk about Galaxy Note 9, less than a year lost exactly half of its original price at which it last August appeared in the Russian retail. It all happened so fast that even we at first didn’t believe it.

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The price at which the Galaxy Note 9 is available for purchase in the Russian retail on July 18, 2019, is only 36 thousand rubles. In this case we are talking about basic configuration with a storage capacity of 128 GB, but this does not negate the enormity of it cheaper. Yet a year ago, “the nine” went on sale in the domestic market at a price of 72 thousand rubles, overshadowed all his predecessors.

Why buy Galaxy Note 9

Of course, to get Galaxy Note 9 for 36 thousand will only have the grey retailers. They achieve such low rates thanks to the fact that imported devices to bypass the formal channels of supply and do not pay customs duties, and return from 12% to 19% paid in Europe for the gadget programme Tax Free. In the end the buyer gets the opportunity to purchase the top is still the flagship for not being more sane money than official retail.

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Pay attention to Galaxy Note 9 is for several reasons. Firstly, it is, of course, the display. The smartphone is equipped with an advanced AMOLED-matrix, which experts called DisplayMate even indistinguishable from perfect. Secondly, it is extremely fast filling. 9810 Exynos processor coupled with 6 GB of RAM works wonders, providing a high level of performance in any games even support 60 fps mode in Fornite. And, third, this, of course, the pen. Thanks to him, Galaxy Note 9 turns into a portable notebook, allowing you to make notes, edit screenshots, and even write handwritten letters. And what else is needed for happiness?

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