This is an analogue of AirPower with 16 induction coils

Remember AirPower? Well, this white pad for wireless charging, which Apple showed the iPhone 8. Yes, the one that the company has not released in almost two years, and then announced that it was unable to bring this project to life. The reason, as reported by industry experts, has been the inability of Apple to overcome the laws of physics, which forced AirPower to overheat due to the simultaneous operation of several induction coils, which allowed us to avoid the occurrence of dead zones. Apparently, the Dutch startup Zens Liberty about the laws of physics just do not know.

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This is not an exaggeration, because Zens Liberty became the first company in the world, which managed to release a wireless charging station Kvadrat 16 induction coils with a total capacity of 30 watts. Being located in slightly overlapping relation to each other, they fill all the internal space. About the same, judging by the content of patents has been arranged the project AirPower.

How does AirPower

What to replace AirPower

It is this method of placing the coils inside the case the charging station allows you to use the whole Playground at once, leaving her dead zones. As a result, Kvadrat can allow you to simultaneously charge devices of different types – headphone-enabled wireless charging to the iPhone. It does not matter exactly how you put the gadget on the pad – it will charge in a vertical, horizontal, diagonal and any other methods of placement.

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However, unlike AirPower, the decision of the Dutch masters allows you to simultaneously charge two devices compliant with Qi standard, and the current is 2.4 A. Therefore, charging the Apple Watch with Kvadrat will not work. The problem is that the brand of the smart watch Apple requires a special charger that attaches to their heel on the magnets.

Buy analog AirPower

Why AirPower is so cool

Is such a pleasure neither more nor less, $ 140. For the money the buyer will receive the very charging station and power supply 45 watts to simultaneously charge up to two smartphones. If you wish, you can purchase a version with a transparent glass cover that drew all 16 coils. This modification will be limited edition and priced at $ 180. Sales of both versions will begin in November 2019.

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Did the Dutch create AirPower? Probably not. Still, Kvadrat is not able to charge the Apple Watch, and then, before the original is far from it. On the other hand, there is a version that the original accessory, which are trying to be different technology startups, never worked, and all we saw was just the renders, because making noncontact station to charge the watch under the current conditions is absolutely impossible. Good Kvadrat? Of course, Yes. It is the closest copy of AirPower, which embodies the original design that others have not yet happened.

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