This is how millions of lies of the Russian on Twitter

Published social network Twitter Archive huge amounts of tweets reveals the Russian intervention in the dissemination of false news and impact on US public opinion over the last few years.

This step comes in the framework of the plan of Twitter to allow researchers to study the ways in which its external elements for training and with the right information and publishing other fabricated and promotion, which is experiencing network Facebook also, and developed a plan to reduce these substances fabricated.

Included Archive published by Twitter over 10 million tweets, the images of the fixed and mobile, as well as videos, live broadcasts, and all its materials were shared across towards the 3800 account affiliate agency Internet Research backed by Russia, the 770 account is likely to be related to Iran.

The history of some of the existing tweets in the archive. to 2013, also has the participation of some of these tweets are false during the current year.

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