This is no joke: the Chinese began to abandon the iPhone in favor of Huawei

Despite the fact that the world community until recently refused to believe that the Chinese will abandon iPhone for ideological reasons, it still happened. As reported by South China Morning Post, the country really began a massive migration from smartphones Apple devices Huawei. If it continues, this trend risks to overwhelm the majority of users from China, who under the pressure of public opinion will abandon the technology in what innocent brand.

“You know, now it’s just inconvenient to get iPhone out of his pocket, when all of your colleagues and especially leaders are Huawei, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post, Sam Lee, an employee of a Chinese state-owned corporations. – Moreover, the company facilitates our transition from iPhone to Huawei, offsetting part of its retail prices.”

Huawei and a matter of prestige

And like Sam, in China a lot, say the journalists. Many give up on iPhone because of pressure from the public and leadership of the enterprise in which they work. Now it is believed that those who continue to use smartphones Apple, in fact, expressly protest Chinese society which tries to deal with the United States acting against the interests of the PRC.

How justified is the rejection of the iPhone in favor of Huawei from a practical point of view it is difficult to say. Most likely, a major role is played by the ambitions of local politicians who demand satisfaction. For them, Huawei is the quintessence of a truly Chinese company that has managed to achieve unprecedented heights and suffered for it. And in order to increase the intensity, to promote Huawei attracted even diplomats, that was not the best idea, because they turned out to be well-versed in quality electronics and use smartphones Apple.

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