This is not the OnePlus that we’ve been waiting for a Review of the OnePlus 6

From year to year, the company OnePlus made us happy unusual phone for real geeks, providing top iron, the possibility of re-flashing and customization without asking for it, “millions of money”. And the design of the device was unique. That’s just the last couple models have succumbed to the trends and gradually started to become more similar to other smartphones, acquiring trendy items. Took OnePlus 6, I realized that in terms of design this is a typical flagship in 2018, but it will not prevent the phone to be the best for its price? Let’s face it.


In terms of design, not much change happened. Many wrote in comments that “why, after all, and glass instead of aluminum, and the camera launched”. The materials really changed, and some items have changed their location but the common features of the body remained the same, and in the hand the OnePlus 6, as the same OnePlus 5\5T. This, as before, a heavy, quality built phone, no issues here.

Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the video, where he exhibited about 20 different test colors of the future phone. But, unfortunately, the market fell the most banal version: black glossy, black matte and white. Plus, these days announced the release of bright red option, designed to dilute the boring set.

I came across the most common and glossy option – glossy black. It looks great, if you do not touch his hands, he instantly covered with fingerprints. Thank you that they rubbed, but the case is not such a bad idea. First, not stained, and secondly, for more protection. After dropping the phone a very bad idea: one of the glass sides will suffer.

By the way, glass rear panel is also dictated by trends, because no functional meaning in it. Unfortunately wireless charging is not here. I know it’s not the most popular possibility in our reality, but to have it in phone would be nice.

There is a metal frame, it sports a dense volume buttons, enable, tray for SIM-cards and a slider switch to silent mode. The latter changed its location, moving to the right side. On convenience is not affected and, as before, it is much faster to turn the sound off or switch to vibrate.

On the bottom there is the most correct, in my opinion, set: microphone, speaker, USB Type C and a headphone Jack. So the user is free to choose what headphones to use and forced to use an adapter here.

As befits a flagship 2018, moisture proof 6 the OnePlus is, but no accurate certification, and swim with the device impossible. The most that you can expect to get the phone in the rain and enjoy without fear to damage it.


Another confirmation of the fact that the company succumbed to the trends display. More specifically, the unibrow, which is now in OnePlus. The presence of this cut, as always, is unjustified. No additional modules, lasers, imagers, and other pieces not here. Only the camera, microphone, and light sensor.

Here are all the set was in OnePlus 5T, which was equipped with a widescreen display 18 to 9, and there were no bangs. But I mean, I didn’t like this trend, the screen of the phone is excellent. Then installed 6.28-inch AMOLED-matrix with a resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels. Thanks to the panels, the cutout on the screen can be hidden (in settings possible) and it really won’t be seen.

The screen is really very good. It is bright, rich, configurable colour (profile sRGB and DCI-P3) and additional modes (b/W and eye protection). I really liked it black and white preset, it to read on your phone generally straight hood, plus a bit of autonomy added.

And just if you are used to a certain fading-factor in the settings can all be correct. So that the display can be forgiven bangs. Plus straight from the factory not the phone has a protective film, which is nice.

Characteristics and performance

In terms of iron there are no complaints, we have a real flagship. The phone has a: Snapdragon 845, 6/8 GB RAM and 64/128/256 GB of built-in storage. This kit allows you not to worry about performance and can run all modern games at max speed. If you need smart and for mobile gaming, here’s a great option. However, the phone troclet during “sweaty” sessions, but the end performance is little affected.

Wireless modules full set has everything you need: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi and NFC, which is very relevant in our reality. But USB Type-C here, version 2.0, for fast data transfer, can not count, but who generally in 2018 connects the phone to the PC and why?

Operating system latest, Android 8.1, on top of which was a corporate shell Oxygen OS. It is almost indistinguishable from stock Android, only of customization options there’s a lot more. So what the shell is also like.

Autonomy and sound

But the same can not be all so good to and features the top, and the price is tasty. At the moment the phone has serious problem with battery life. With my normal use (social networking, a few hours of navigation and instant messenger) the phone was switched off for 6-7 hours of a day, and it is not serious. Perhaps the problem lies in the firmware and will fix it soon, but for now this is the case.

You have to carry powerbank or hunting outlet, because fast charging Dash Charge can quickly recharge a dead battery. 30 minutes received more than 50% of the battery.

Sound is also not so good. Not only that, the top speaker not playing to the bottom, and protective mesh against moisture decreases the volume. In the end, very average sound, and no stereo, so that to watch movies/play multiplayer only with headphones. In them, the phone played just fine. There are heaps of options, and have enough volume. So for most users this is enough.


In previous models the phone camera was good. They are well photographed, at the level of the competitors, but the flagship was far away and if you waited for the OnePlus 6 there will be a significant leap in quality, then hasten to disappoint you — it did not happen. The phone has two main cameras with the SAME focal length, while the app has “optical” doubling. Primary 16 MP (has optical stabilization) and an additional 20 MP, both aperture of f/1.7. Why it’s not used in the second module, a telephoto lens, for me, remains unclear.

Photographs OnePlus good. Work is pretty detailed images with good dynamic range. But as soon as low light images are noisy and not particularly sharp. The use of HDR can be set to automatic mode, in most cases, his work is adequate, and only occasionally with flowers can happen something strange. Mode “bokeh”, as in most other cellphones, more mischief than useful feature.

The use of “optical” zoom significantly kills the amount of detail and overall picture quality, so use it with caution. At the moment the results are very average, but there is hope for updates that will fix it.

Video is recorded in 4K and nothing special about it, everything is quite standard, as for an Android smartphone. But frontalka good and 16 MP module makes the normal pictures.


Well, could not a modern flagship to do without the fingerprint scanner and unlocking by facial recognition. It’s all there and running very quickly. Especially surprised face recognition: it is the fastest that I have seen in Android smartphones. And it works even in low light conditions. However, on the forums they say that the phone is easily fooled by the photo, but personally I have this left to do.


And here everything with the phone seems to be fine. Performance mean, trend chips too, the design is modern, but he lacks any zest. Very sorry, but OnePlus 6 was another faceless flagship, which is difficult to distinguish from the others. This device, I did not having any emotion to it. It’s just a good phone for the money.

If you only think to take the phone – OnePlus 6 good. But owners of previous models but not to worry, not much difference in performance there, and a serious reason for the updates is also not there.

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