This is the best way to protect your account from hack

A large number of people are pessimistic about security on the internet, where hackers many ways to hack accounts and access personal data. But, is there anything the average user can simple do to protect himself?

In fact, yes. If you take a step simple and easy like activate authentication via the security key, is an effective way to incredibly protect your online accounts. Threw new research from Google and the New York University and the University of California highlights this week about how much power a small device, to protect your accounts significantly.

Researchers looked to the tools of authentication such as security keys actual, and text messages and codes activation to see the quality of these techniques to protect user accounts, and it turns out they are very good tools in general.

The most effective tool that can protect you from hacking into your accounts is the security key – security key. So that when you try to log on to one of the websites of, for example, the site will request additional evidence to confirm the identity and override page, a password, and you as a user, you insert the security key to your device to it, which is open to the the only security associated with your account, and owned only by you.

Comparison of Google between tools to protect accounts

Many companies produce security keys and you can buy them from Amazon, where research indicates that the key block 100% of attempts to hack the accounts during the year of study. And in the last year, said Google that all attempts to hack the accounts staff failed since they began in the use of security keys.

This is a tool used by journalists and politicians to prevent hacking into their accounts on the internet, which is a strong option for protection, and you can find the security keys in the e-store Amazon with prices starting from$ 10, and we recommend that you read the reviews on products before making a purchase.

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