This is the biggest leak about AirPower 2.0: photo, price, timing of release

Wireless charging station AirPower can be safely called one of the most disastrous projects Apple. Despite the fact that throughout its history the company has faced very unpleasant problems such that the product was presented to the General public, and then cancelled, never happened. Obviously, in Cupertino hurry and anonsirvoala launch AirPower ahead of time, and not being able to make the gadget work as needed. As a result of the release was abandoned, acknowledging the failure of the project and not looking to go in the future. But as it turned out, AirPower is not buried.

AirPower 2.0? Apple from scratch creates its own wireless charging

Apple is indeed working on a revival project AirPower and even has working prototypes that company management distributed to employees for testing. Due to the fact that the charging station left the walls of the corporate laboratories, which usually are conducted all the necessary tests and debugging, insider John Prosser was able to take a picture of the future device. So what is before us – now it is official – new AirPower in the work, which is important condition.

New AirPower

It’s the first pictures of a working prototype of AirPower

As you can see, looks new and what we showed at the presentation in 2017, virtually identical. It’s the same venue – very thin and wide enough to fit three devices. Judging by the fact that the gadgets are on AirPower and unevenly charged, so the concept of the original station has been preserved: Apple has placed inside, not three induction coils for each device separately, and many small ones. This was necessary in order to charge the device could accommodate absolutely anything.

Problems AirPower

The original station AirPower had at least three major problems. Despite the fact that officially Apple does not disclose them, here they are:

  • Many induction coils could not operate synchronously;
  • The joint work of all coils provoked strong heating;
  • Due to the particular charging mount Apple Watch station could not charge your smart watch.

Apple showed how to charge an iPhone in 2020. Yet without AirPower

In new AirPower Apple has solved all three problems. In order to make the coils work simultaneously, companies had to reduce their number. We don’t know exactly how many coils were in the original project, but these patents were given plus or minus the clear data – from 18 to 24. It is possible that the upgraded station, their number has decreased to 12-15, although this information is not confirmed.

What will be the new AirPower

To deal with increased heat generation, Apple used the processor A11 Bionic. It’s the same chip, which the company has equipped the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. the tests showed that the presence of smart chips capable of holding the amount of emitted energy and to mitigate overheating. Originally considered the idea of AirPower equipment walk-in cooler, but it was quickly abandoned because it, first, would increase the thickness of the station, and, secondly, made it very noisy.

In the original version of AirPower coils were too many and they overlapped each other. Now their number has decreased

Well, and, importantly, Apple has somehow magically managed to combine two concepts wireless charging, forcing AirPower to charge the Apple Watch. How in the world could this be achieved, is unknown. But if AirPower indeed will go on sale in the form in which the novelty is presented in the photos and with the same working potential, it will be a real bomb. After all, it’s on the market today and there are charging stationsthat allow you to place devices as you like, none of them can charge the Apple Watch without a special magnetic fastening.

Interesting facts about new AirPower

  • At charging station will be two connectors on the upper face and side view;
  • The induction coil inside is no longer overlap each other;
  • Apple avoids to call a novelty of AirPower, so it got a code name – C68;
  • The release of the AirPower of the new generation will take place in the 4th quarter or 2020 Q1 2021-th;
  • Approximate retail price new AirPower will be equal to $ 250.

Why actually "failed" AirPower

Happy remarkable aspect is the question of when will the AirPower. After all, if Apple intends to bring the charging station on sale at the end of this or early next year, so imagine it must be either at the September presentation, or October. That is, until the release there is very little time. But now the important thing to Apple immediately released their new car, rather than taking time out for a few months to prepare everything. Otherwise, users can again get a nasty impression from the device as a flaw.

Apple successfully revived the project AirPower. Release very soon

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