This is the date of the announcement of the phone “Motorola’s new” Moto Z3

The company announced the manufacture of phones of the American “Motorola” Motorola equipped its press conference on 2 August, for the announcement of an important event huge, and will change the way humans use and interact with their mobile phones, according to the Website The Verge.

He said the company’s statement, that the conference will be held in the headquarters of Motorola in Chicago, in the second at noon local time, is expected to specialists, the conference will include the announcement of Motorola’s new “Moto visit 3 play” Moto Z3 Play store, where the current atmosphere is the same mystery that surrounded the announcement by Motorola about the phone its Z2 Force in the past year.

The Motorola had opened pre-booking for its new Moto Z3 Play early June, which suggests some tolerance to it would contain a camera background of the double, and a memory storage internal space of 64 GB and its price will reach 500 $ (9,000 thousand Egyptian pounds approximately).

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