This is the design of the phone Meizu 15 with a curved screen parties !

From the corporate perspective to get to know your grandparents soon, the company Meizu, where have new phones intend to disclose through this year, it will be the most recent phone Meizu 15, its details with us today.

هذا هو تصميم هاتف Meizu 15 مع شاشة منحنية الأطراف !

This is the design of the phone Meizu 15 with a curved screen parties !

During the past few months you know with us that the company Meizu intend to disclose the phone will carry the name of Meizu 15, we have covered the most important news and leaked images, but today we have with us a clear picture of the device, which is what you see Before you in this picture.

The phone as shown in the picture besides the leaks related to it, will carry a camera background of the double, with a flash carousel, ensures a powerful lighting of the uses of photography and, with respect to the screen will be curved like many of the phones that carry this feature.

New this time is the fingerprint sensor, if the focus in the picture, you will find that the company about him from the old design to design a ring that looks like a sensor fingerprint phones the iPhone, where you can see it in front of the phone.

Will company relies on a processor from Qualcomm, where he was previously in trouble with her, but it was the first phone from the company with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 phone Meizu M6 Note, and her phone Meizu 15, will be by his side to a larger version which is the Meizu 15 Plus.

The material is next month, as emphasized by the CEO, the goal is the celebration of the birthday of the company, perhaps that will be at the MWC show next month !

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