This is the difference between the modes Night Mode and Pro Mode in the camera of the Galaxy S10

Many fans requested to provide Samsung for camera Galaxy S10 special mode for night shooting. The first version of night mode in the Galaxy camera S10 user was not impressed, and so was pleased to see that Samsung did not stop there, releasing another software update with an improved version of night mode and several other new features, which you can read about in our separate article. In this article we compare photos taken in night mode and in Pro mode with the shutter speed, ISO and aperture with the same values to understand whether there is a difference between them and whether it is critical.

It all started with the fact that some users noted that instead of all the expected night mode you can just use the existing Pro-mode for higher-quality photos in poor lighting conditions. Yes, night mode is like Pro mode, but the purpose is different, and besides, the night mode gives a more vivid photos with the same settings as the Pro mode.

For this comparison we used two scenes. Version in night mode was more vivid for both scenes compared to the version that was received in Pro mode with the same camera settings, and therefore there is an assumption that in the case of night mode helps technology multi-frame processing. Thanks to the multi-frame processing takes several images of the same scene and then data from all of these images are combined together to produce the final result with high sharpness and low noise. Samsung has introduced multi-processing in Galaxy S8, and it is this technology used in the standard automatic mode of the camera to quickly obtain the best photo.

Thus, night mode seems to use the same technology, only with a longer exposure time for each of the multiple images that is needed before combining them into a final image that you see on the screen of your smartphone. So your smartphone only takes a few seconds to save a photo. In Pro mode, on the other hand, multi-frame processing is not used because it is assumed to capture the image based on certain parameters, and multiple-frame treatment would not have coped with this task. And this is why image in night mode get brighter with slightly more detail than the photos in the Pro mode with the same settings, which makes it very useful.

Below are two photos of each of the two scenes. First photo was taken in night mode (left), and then in Pro mode (right) with the same exposure time and ISO value that was specified in the information about the photos taken in night mode. For those who are interested, the first photo is the exposure time/shutter speed of 1.4 of a second and ISO 640, and the second photo has the same exposure time but ISO 500. The value of the aperture set at f/1.5 for both modes.

Just two examples, maybe look a little bit poor, but it should be enough to give you an idea about the difference between night and Pro modes. Pro mode Samsung provides you with many opportunities if you are an experienced user, but for those of us who don’t want to mess with the camera settings and at the same time to obtain brighter pictures in low-light conditions, perfect night mode. We hope that in the future Samsung will give night mode their old flagships such as the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, considering that they use the same hardware as the Galaxy S10.

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