This is the first pictures of the working Galaxy Note 10+. Do you like it?

The extension of the flagship Galaxy S, had grown to four models, has given fans of the brand confidence that this year the same way Samsung will go with Galaxy Note phablets. Despite the fact that this expansion of the model range looked too excessive, it seems that such a development plan, adhere to the Koreans. This confirms the first “live” working the Galaxy Note 10+ published by TechTalkTV.

Despite the low quality of the published photographs, they are extremely informative, Reaffirming several key features of the upcoming upgrade.

Galaxy Note 10 — differences from the Galaxy S10

First, the name of the Galaxy Note 10+ allows to count on the fact that this year the range will grow to two, maybe even three models. Most likely, the devices will carry the name of Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy Note 10 Pro. The older version will obviously be the most advanced, and therefore, can get a better camera than the Galaxy S10 5G, as well as the support of networks of the fifth generation.

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Secondly, the performance of the front camera Galaxy Note 10 is different from the implementation of the Galaxy S10. When designing design phablet the Samsung developers decided to move the lens frontally in the middle. Will this usage is convenient, hard to say. Rather, the main objective pursued by the designers, was to make the new product not the same as the Galaxy S10, which frontalka placed in the top right corner.

Thirdly, the performance of the rear of the Galaxy Note 10+ will also be different from S-line. In the new generation of phablets Samsung has decided to continue experimenting with the location of the main camera, changing its orientation to vertical and moving it in the upper left corner. Similar location to the photo module are the units more affordable product lines like the Galaxy A 2018-2019 release. Most likely, this is also nothing more than a design course with the aim of separating the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S.

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