This is war: a US Congressman has proposed to completely ban the cryptocurrency

US Congressman brad Sherman presented to the court of public opinion the bill, which proposed to ban Bitcoin within the jurisdiction of the country. Sherman is afraid that the main cryptocurrency could undermine the status of the dollar as a global currency. According to him, it will affect the international influence of the United States.

The real face of the state

The motivation of the Sherman reveals what the Central authorities want most — to be the only node that controls all spheres of life of the population.

I consulted with colleagues and introduced the bill that prohibits Americans to buy and sell cryptocurrency. A large part of our strength in the dollar is a standard unit in international payments. If the proponents of cryptocurrencies will be taken away from us this advantage, even our sanctions against Iran will become meaningless.

The performance of the Sherman was not so sure the Congressman is constantly stammered, trying to cover up the motives for the ban of Bitcoin by some fictional reasons. In fact, he made it clear that some people in the US government does not want to lose even part of its influence due to the cryptocurrency.

Co-founder Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano noticed that the Sherman is sitting in his office twice longer than that of Bitcoin. Political figure is present in Congress for 22 years.

Maybe we should ban politicians for life?!

Now you can forget about the old stories about “terrorists, money laundering and fraud.” Officials say directly about what the Bitcoin they “interfere”. Prevents to get rich and dominate the middle and lower classes.

By the way, before Congressman Sherman also spoken out several times against the crypt. In conversation with the Committee of the U.S. house of representatives financial services it offered to completely ban mining, sale and purchase of digital assets throughout the country.


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