This is what he didn’t say zuckerberg in front of Congress what he knows, Facebook users

Revealed the hearing that has Mark Zuckerberg of the US Senate (Congress), not knowing the Facebook founder and CEO how to work a mechanism to collect data on users, in testimony before Congress, Zuckerberg said that Facebook doesn’t store the dates of visit of the users to other sites, to live again to correct it saying that in fact storage facebook the list of websites visited by the user and includes a tracking code facebook, and keep him home temporarily before moving to a commodity advertising.

He added that everyone has the right to control how you use their information, and they have full access to understand all all information displayed by Facebook about them and get rid of all the information, but when you request a download copy of your data stored at Facebook, don’t show a list of sites that.

The toughest 7 minute twice on Zuckerberg during questioning in Congress.

How to ask for a refund that percentage of the voter list from the database of Facebook is very difficult, and it takes a lot of time, as happened in the case of a request the world of Mathematics, the Belgian Paul Oliver, the proportion of data collected by Facebook through tracking system the most would instruct, it took Facebook 106 days to get those required data.

4 exciting quests face by Congress to the founder of Facebook, that’s how he responded!

Often there is an important category of information collected by Facebook about and we can talk, and often we don’t know collect that information in detail, for example, liking or interacting with the publications allows for the advertiser to track what interests the user, directing its propaganda ad to him, as when you cancel share data with Facebook, use the network to track you without the use of your data in advertising.

This is a question that overthrew steadily Zuckerberg during the questioning of Congress

In addition to encourage Facebook users to share lists of their contacts on the phone with him, including names, email addresses, and reveal what they get of your private data through a list, touch a friend or not. Can Facebook through all that information determine the identity of the people may not flock to the house of the foundation, where three users with the same surname data on the fourth person holds the same title, know Facebook with this person even if I don’t have an account on the platform, and, of course, won’t know the fourth person what you know about Facebook because I don’t have an account.

Came in a statement to Mark Zuckerberg about this time before Congress: “we collect data about the people who aren’t on Facebook for security purposes”. How to follow Facebook to the user a very powerful tool, and can through them determine the quality of the relations and their strength between the user and transmitting it from people not to mention the user so.

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