This is what you wanted. Xiaomi has unveiled smart trash

I have the strong feeling that somewhere in the bowels of the lab, Xiaomi sits a group of people who constantly asks only one question: “Alright, what other device is not in stock?”

Apparently, recently, another response was “trash”. Then some other employee added in a tone of bond’s “smart! the trash”. In General, Yes, a clever trash Xiaomi.

Now the company collects the funds on its platform for crowdfunding but has already exceeded the required amount at times. The bucket costs only $ 30. Its volume is 15.5 liters.

The bucket is able to detect motion near the lid and open it yourself. Well, close, of course. Closed to tightly, so odors do not come out. And the bucket itself is able to pack a garbage bag when it is filled, and also to make new when the old is removed. And the bucket has an led light with multiple modes. And Yes, it will need to plug into a wall socket.

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