This one is better: Huawei showed off its foldable smartphone

In the last few years the world of mobile industry like froze in place waiting for the push forward. I have a strong feeling that in 2019, this push will occur. It’s only been a few days since the presentation of the South Koreans, where we saw the first mass produced smartphone in a folding form factor with a flexible display Galaxy Fold, as it arrived, and Huawei showed its vision of such devices.

It is now clear that the new trend this year will be a front camera, a hole which is carved directly into the screen, and continuous from each corner of the mobile network of new generation, but the trends don’t end there. Is Samsung, due to the insane popularity of its line of Galaxy S flagship will be the main engine of fashion in cutouts in the screen, but it is not only that the South Korean giant managed to move the masses. After the presentation of a foldable Galaxy Fold the rest of the smartphone manufacturers then arrived, and decided to show the world exactly how they think it should look like this unusual device. Next in line was Huawei with his Mate X.

What’s new we showed Huawei

Yes, Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate Fold X are premium devices and both fold in half where the fold falls on the center of the display. Only here X Mate, unlike the Galaxy Fold, formed a large display outside and not inside. Thus, Mate X only one display and that when folding is working only half that insignificant person will look like a normal modern smartphone. The Samsung smartphone has a second external display in the folded state similar to the Nokia a decade ago.

Full screen Huawei Mate X in the expanded state has a diagonal of 8 inches. The screen resolution is 2480 × 2200 when the aspect ratio is 8:7.1. Folded the front of the display has a diagonal of 6.6 inches with a resolution of 2480 × 1148 aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

The other side of the display, as in the folded state, which can also be used for viewing content, has a diagonal of 6.38 inches with a resolution of 2480 × 892 (25:9). Huawei Mate X works like a tablet or a smartphone with two displays as one X or NEX Vivo Dual Display.

On the side of the device the full height panel is located, in which there are 4 cameras, a fingerprint scanner built into the power button, volume buttons and other sensors. I want to note that Mate is very thin in expanded form – just 5.4 mm In the folded state, the thickness of the smartphone is doubled to 11 mm, which is only 1 mm thicker than Google Nexus 6. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, when folding Mate X in half between the sides of the display is formed no gap that is positively reflected on its thickness.

What’s inside the Huawei Mate X

X Huawei Mate is not only a first foldable smartphone Huawei, but their first smartphone with support for 5G. The device works on the chipset HiSilicon Kirin 980 as series Huawei Mate 20, but here it is paired with a Balong 5000 5G, multi-mode modem supporting the frequencies below 6 GHz and mmWave. Balong 5000, as the new Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G, manufactured by the technology of 7 nanometers. Huawei claims that Balong 5000 supports download speeds up to 4.6 Gbps, and in theory the user can upload a video file that is 1 GB in 3 seconds. Of course, we don’t have to think about it for a very long time, since the appearance of good coverage 5G in our country expected a very long time, and the smartphone in Russia, most likely, will not be sold.

In Huawei Mate X installed battery capacity of 4500 mAh, which is larger than Huawei Mate 20 Pro (4200 mAh), but smaller than the Huawei Mate 20 X (5000 mAh). As Samsung Galaxy Fold, battery Huawei Mate X split in half and installed in both sides of the device for a more uniform distribution of weight. In connection with such large battery capacity in the premium device Huawei has offered its new solution for conductive fast charging. The power of such a device 55 watts that allows you to charge a smartphone up to 85% in 30 minutes – the fastest rate we’ve seen in mobile devices.


Although look Samsung and Huawei, should look like foldable smartphones, both devices are incredibly expensive and not on sale, so it is difficult to say whether the new demand. However, both tech giants are testing the waters, releasing their experimental smartphones before the market will really be ready for what a folding form factor will evolve and will go in mass.

And how do you like the new trend is to bend your smartphone in half?

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