This plan of Apple for the iPhone 2018 – what do you think?

We’re in a new year and new products from many companies the beginning of next month, Apple will also have what will be about this year, maybe in spring, maybe even next fall, if at all painted, our plan was leaked, and the details in today’s article !

هذه خطة آبل لأجهزة الأيفون 2018 - ما رأيكم بها ؟

This plan of Apple for the iPhone 2018 – what do you think?

What is the plan of Apple TV this year?

According to the leaks, the Apple TV and intend to follow the plan of Mr. pace slow and steady, where they will continue to rely on the LCD screens, along with OLED screens, this means that Apple intends to adopt the same plan last year, Your the benefits of high technology protects the OLED screen, and 2 of the devices to protect the LCD screen and also holds the advantages of good.

Full screen on all phones – a plans Apple TV !

As is evident in the previous picture, the Apple is going to adopt full screen in all its organs, just as in the iPhone X, where this will be one of the most prominent advantages of this year, as will the Aspect Ratio of the 18:9 as in phones and other competing companies, while the flagship phone for this year will screen by dimensions 19.5:9, where it will remain the way it is for iPhone app X.

But the good thing is that Apple take this step you will get on the phones with even bigger screen, the beginning of an 5.8 inch, passing through the size of 6.1 inch, down for 6.5 inch, and all this without affecting the dimensions of the devices iPhone well-known, since adoption of the screen the camera will not increase compared to the structure of the device, exploiting the space that was to take her dialogue.

هذه خطة آبل لأجهزة الأيفون 2018 - ما رأيكم بها ؟

This plan of Apple for the iPhone 2018 – what do you think?

Apple TV using the manufacturer companies !

The beginning of the company Japan Display, which will start work on the production of requests for Apple TV of the screen of your iPhone this year, in addition to the company LG, which in turn will get an investment from Apple in order to provide manufacturing capacity for the supply of the screens that you want the Apple TV.

All this makes us believe that Apple has managed the work of the study necessary in order to determine the need of users, the first of these steps is targeted, it will provide phones screen entirely new, by policies greater, as well as the diversity of articles will ensure coverage of all user requests, this means one thing: sales of million !

What you already mentioned has been confirmed for?

Assure you of one thing, that what is presented so far is leaks, and Analytics, but mostly as sources of it can be trusted, as they are the same sources that were stating about Apple products, and gets exactly what has been leaked.

On the other hand,; still time away until we know better, where we expect as more of the leaks, you may change Apple’s plans, or may adopt more modern techniques, all this we will know within the next few months insha Allah.

What do you think about sizes of devices iPhone 2018 is? Do you think that the Apple TV would work?

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