This problem can be faced, every owner of a iMac

Apple computers are known for their reliability and durability (if only not to remember keyboard “butterfly” MacBook Pro), but the owners still face certain problems, which usually caused by prolonged service life for your device. For example, in the old iMac often crashes the GPU, and the reason for this malfunction in the cooling system, just a large accumulation of dust inside the computer or the development of the resource.

White screen and stripes in iMac often indicate malfunction of the chip

Since 2012, Mas installed is soldered to the motherboard, the chip, before the chip was placed on the video card, discrete graphics and there was no trace. But if in the latter case with the replacement is more or less clear (bought a new video card and installed), then what about the integrated graphics chip? Here the experts will also replace the IC, but much more is required.

We looked at how is replacement chip iMac 27 mid-2010 in the service center Apple Pro — they just recently came such a computer. The owner was complaining about the appearance of bands and white screen that indicates a malfunction of the chip.

The main reason for this failure — a faulty cooling system. The dust that had accumulated over several years of work and dried up over time, thermal grease, remove the cooling system failure. The GPU simply overheats and stops working. In any case, the team first carried out a diagnostic to verify the true cause of the problem.

By the way, due to overheating may suffer not only the components of the iMac, but the iPhone. Here we have considered one such case.

Replacing video card in iMac

After the dismantling of the glass engineer gets access to the internal components of the computer. Already here you can see a large amount of dust, it clogs the cooling system is overheating and the chip fails.

Screen carefully dismantled

The motherboard is separated from the body that the specialist was able to get to the chip.

Motherboard removed to access the chip

Engineer disassemble the cooling system of the GPU — thermal paste turned into dry, then chip is really damaged from overheating.

The dismantling of the cooling system — you may notice that the thermal paste has all dried up

You can begin to dismantle the chip — it uses a special soldering station.

Dismantle the old chip using the soldering station

After the old chip is removed, you can install a new

In the next stage, the practitioner applies a high-quality flux to install the new chip.

To install a new GPU required flux

What is important is professional equipment for heating that controls the temperature, because it is important to prevent overheating of the chip. The contact between the chip and charge has to be good, otherwise the crystal will chip away from the substrate of the PCB.

Infrared soldering station controls temperature of the heating to avoid overheating

Next, the engineer gets a new layer of thermal paste — is it possible to start installation of the cooling system and reassembly. Before this occurs cleaning the internal components from dust components worked as long as possible, and the overheating has not happened. In addition, changing the thermal paste of the CPU, since during this time she also outlived their service life.

New thermal paste ready to fulfil their important role

An engineer assembles the computer in reverse order

In the end, the computer must test for the correct operation of all nodes. In addition, the iMac has several days under heavy load — so the engineer can verify that the computer is working properly even at maximum capacity. They are repairing the Apple iMac here.

All systems go, the iMac will last more than one year

After installing the new GPU the computer again, you can use a long time and not buy new, unless it is necessary (for example, if the owner feels the lack of power). The Apple Pro is taken for any repair iMac (if your computer is not older than 2009) and can breathe new life in your computer, and do it with a special 10% discount for all readers

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