This PWA is the app will help monitor your expenses

How much we spend in a month? Certainly was the situation when you borrowed money from their friends, neighbors, followers on Twitter. It’s not very pleasant and makes you suffer every day with only one thought, that you someone have something. Come to the aid of the application “Hard” (tzlvt). It will allow better control of costs, displaying the amount that can be spent per day. The feature of the app is that it is available in both Google Play and the App Store and on the web! You can install it using the technology of progressive web applications. I did just that.

Spend the budget correctly

You can install it by go to this link on the official site, then you will be asked to add it to the desktop. After this, the PWA, the application will be installed. Opening tzlvt, you notice that disappeared usual menu of the browser, but the app itself works on the web without installation directly in the device memory. This is a kind of uniqueness of this solution — it is cross-platform and not tied to the operating system.

What is PWA?

It is a progressive web application. It is similar to regular websites, but offers additional features: caching, notifications, and the lack of a browser interface. PWA are fully supported by Google and have access to the hardware of the smartphone. In the spring of 2018, all major browsers support progressive web application.

What can “Hard”? In the upper right corner is the settings icon. Clicking on it opens a menu where you can choose the amount of your monthly salary. Then the app will calculate how much you can spend money every day. You can also specify the period for which it is planned to allocate an amount that will allow you do not be tied to wages and months. The application in this respect is universal. For example, let’s specify 100,000 rubles. In this case, we can spend every day 3333 rubles for 30 days. Stored and go to the main window.

Here we were met by the daily amount. After any expenses necessary to input this data into the application using the keyboard at the bottom and click the orange button. Suppose that we spent 400 rubles. Enter the value in the app, and a daily budget is updated automatically before pressing the orange button. If you click it, the data will go down in history spending.

Let’s assume that we decided to spend another 4,000 rubles, but we have a daily budget of only 2933 ruble. In this case, the screen will display updated daily budget. You can see that we can now spend only 3296 roubles every day. And this number will decrease if you spend more in one day than the required amount. If it turns out that we spend less of these funds will be distributed on all days and our daily budget will increase.

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Separately want to note a simple and convenient interface, which, however, can piss off the owners of Android-devices due to the similarity with the style of iOS. It was nice if the app allowed you to change the subject, because dark may not like everything. Of the advantages worth noting fast loading. The app loads faster than normal websites. The reason lies in the caching. After the first boot PWA-app can work even offline. This is their main advantage.

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Did you like “Hard” and are you ready to use it for more effective consumption of the family budget? Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget about our Telegram. In addition, the proposed share apps for more efficient consumption of budget, which you use in the comments below.

Application: Hard
Developer: fuckgrechka
Category: Finance
Price: Free
Link: Download

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