This registration form may be Samsung phones coming.. which is very bad

Samsung with a bad reputation when it comes to the first part of the products perhaps the earliest example of this is the phone said taxi Fuld, who didn’t get to impress anyone who might try it if we return in time we will find that it has also happened with the phone said taxi rhubarb in the year 2013 which is the first phone with a curved screen from the company.

Also we can note that Samsung’s development of themselves terribly when they begin to provide new generations of the same product which is what has happened to the beginning of the phone said taxi S6 up to S10, where she spent five years were made curved screens are excellent year after year.

Today we have a leak may tell us that Samsung is on the verge of repeating the same thing so that the label shows a picture of what may become the main design for Samsung’s upcoming flagship, which will be a two-sided flat except that the Bend will be from the top down! The design looks bad, to a large extent, and here it is:

We must not forget that this is just a render and it’s not certain yet, but other than that the design is bad, only that it is also useful, this is where that curved from the sides in the Samsung phones make holding the phone easier and better besides the possible code used by the factors which misses completely new design.

What do you think?

Source: BGR

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