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Feel a lot of people talking even while eating, they wish there was an easier way to implement it, this is what researchers at the University of RMIT Australian to achieve through the innovation arm of the robot Arm-A-Dine, which is worn in the middle of the chest to then carry foods and help you you and your guests to eat them.

Moving facial expressions, the arm of the robot to tell him if you must feed the person wearing it or of the offset, through the application of a special facial recognition running on the smartphone related to the robot, in the case of the other person smiling, you will get is food, but if surly, the food is served to the wearer’s arm.

arm-a-dine this chest-mounted robot feeds your face so you don't have to

The longer arm of the Pure model designed to enhance the dining experience of the social use of Technology, where hair testers that they remember their mothers that were feeding their young, a reaction that surprised the researchers.

Although Android is still optional model currently, only the installers you are currently thinking in making it available commercially on a broader level.


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