This tiny robot could be created Rick and his grandson Morty

Remember the cartoon series “Rick and Morty” which was a robot designed for only one most useful purpose. He applied the oil, and was capable only of this. Something like that made Alex Mikes. Its the little robot has only one ability and only one purpose. It’s designed for page turning in an electronic book.

Housing for your robot-Mikes printed on 3D-printere. In it he put an Arduino Nano, a wireless signal receiver and a small servo. The hull shape is made specifically for installation on e-book Kindle Paperwhite has a touch screen.

When the user presses the button on the remote control, the servomotor is triggered, and the robot soft pad presses on the Kindle screen, mimicking the tap of a finger to turn the page.

Few can experience the need to help this robot, but the Mikes made it solely in order to practice 3D printing. He also prefers to read in bed using a stand, which saves him from having to hold the Kindle with my hands. The little robot allows him to reach for his book.

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