This wait conference spring more than the autumn conference

Hold Apple several annual conferences in the spring and often have the month of March or April; then the conference of the WWDC month is June and the end of the year hold a conference or more at the exit to detect the iPhone and and the iPad Pro. Despite the fact that everyone is always waiting for the fall conference to see the iPhone coming, but I actually feel the passion to the big and wait for the conference to spring more from the conference of the iPhone. These are the reasons.

لهذا انتظر مؤتمر الربيع أكثر من مؤتمر الخريف

An important clarification

There there is a news talk that Apple will hold a special conference of the media on 25 March and will focus on disclosing the advantages of Service and contributions in health services video and other will not reveal the products in this conference. As iPhone Islam see that it is difficult to focus the conference entirely on the service sector especially that the launch of the Apple System Video Competition for Netflix is expected to happen end of the year. So in general our article HERE talks about the conference which will be held in the spring to detect the products whether this happened at a conference the end of March or allocated another conference in April.

Do you have a hardware conference economic

There is a fundamental problem Apple has now is the reluctance of the current user for the translation. Statistics say that the birth rate Apple very high, and it didn’t leave her and go for Android; rather, the problem is that he doesn’t feel the need to upgrade for new devices. Attracted older devices such as the 7/8 such as the unexpected popularity. It had the 6/6s like and Turkish did not find that the Xs/Xr is worth its price in addition to they buy the older hardware at a good price. News is that Apple will be about 3 devices at an economical price:

IPhone SE second generation: it was common and continued throughout 2018, but we didn’t see the device; now, with the challenges faced by Apple are usually common again that Apple is set to launch a new version of which has helped this rumor is that Apple got rid of its inventory of the device at a discounted price to “filter” this of the rare times that Apple is offering on this step “actually I didn’t see Apple do it, but maybe it happened earlier”. The news says that the device will come with more specifications of the iPhone 7 and 8 but with smaller size. And Apple will add fingerprint to the destination in order to minimize the cost especially that the device will be in the category of price$ 400 almost. Will be a strong move from Apple, especially in markets that are adopted are the same that they need for less price, including the Chinese market.

IPad 2019 : device annual economic targeting by Apple partner students and user traditional. Device by the way say Amazon selling it reduction of day up to 24%. The device is maintained in the issuance of the 2017 and 2018 on the design of the Air but are expected this year to witness the improvements that Apple Design Pro first generation with the screen of 10.5 inches across reduce dialogue and other improvements known in this version. Any mix will be between Pro 10.5 and the iPad Air 2 but also without the expense of fingerprint, facial FaceID.

IPad Mini 5: was the iPad Mini is always a mini version of the iPad the top and stopped Apple since 3 years for update. Now the news says that Apple will work them back to life by the best and the edges smaller, but will be of lower specification. Frankly I don’t understand this step it is logical to make the Apple mini version of iPad Pro 2018 even with Face ID. Otherwise, why might some prefer to buy it like compared with the iPad 2019 previously mentioned?

IPod gaming device

Began the renaissance of Apple’s current and its return to the past with the launch of iPod best of the old with iTunes began to flow strong financial company helped her to develop the iPhone. But in recent years the Forgot Apple iPod explained most of the sales like they did not provide Day device with that name. But in recent weeks, we were surprised that Apple had applied the law to change the characterization of the iPod “brand” from the company says “musical device” was added to “my games”. If for still remember the iPod and make it a platform game. An entertainment device cheap price it features a powerful processor such as the A12 to enable you to get the best games at the lowest possible price. Explicitly we do not know whether to be produced by Apple soon or the end of the year or is this the line coming from Apple. But we think that Apple need incentives to help attract the confidence of investors by showing that they are able to enter new areas, isn’t it!

Mac devices

By 2018 almost didn’t care about Apple ‘ s who started the company at the end of the year focused on the Mac Mini as well as MacBook Air. But what about the Mac Pro giant who depend on major companies such as Disney? I didn’t see no update since 2013. Can you imagine 6 years ago didn’t get the update. As well as the device the most beautiful I have her iMac also was last updated in 2017. And, of course, mention that the MacBook Pro machine is the most important I got to update the silent treatment for some of the problems case with buttons with improvements in performance. And update silent means that Apple has just added the new version suddenly on location without conferences or prior announcement.

Previously Apple unveils Mac at the WWDC conference, but now prefer to have this conference dedicated solely to operating systems developers. Does it make sense to leave the Apple these devices to the end of the year? Or to a device such as the Mac Pro hasn’t happened for 6 years will also be silent? Of course these things are reasonable.

And don’t forget the accessories

A lot of news also says that Apple is working on several accessories such as Tray wireless charging speaker AirPod maybe a whole new generation of them. As well as a copy of the economic of the HomePod who is suffering to achieve sales. The latest rumor is that Apple will postpone the new version of the AirPod end of the year and cover shipping. And speaking of the shipping, maybe provide us with Apple finally in the conference device AirPower associated with the year and a half ago especially that several sources said that the device at the manufacturing stage. Doesn’t it make sense that Apple start manufacturing products in January to the end of the year.

The bottom line

There are a large number of products available that say Apple launching in less than two months; of course it is difficult to provide Apple all of these products at once in the same conference, but it’s common among them all they Products strongly as well as the majority of it comes at an economical price suitable for and to kill him away from the category 1000$ that we see at the end of the year whether the iPhone or the iPad Pro. So I feel a passionate, intense pending for this conference.

Do you share the same passion on the spring? Any of products previous addressing his part? Share your opinion in the comments

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