This way get rid of the nuisance of ads on Google Chrome

Are pop-up ads that appear when browsing sites, it is annoying for many users, although Google Chrome browser prevents the appearance of pop-ups automatically, the mark appears on the title bar of the “Address bar” stating that the prevention of these windows, except that in the absence of this feature, can be activated by following these steps:

1. Open Google Chrome browser “Google Chrome”.

2 – Press the MENU button “Menu” at the top of the page on the right, choose “Settings”.

3 – Press the Show Advanced Settings “Show advanced settings”.

4 – pressure on content settings “Content settings” under privacy “Privacy”

5. The pressure on the option do not allow any site to show pop-ups “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups”, from the special pop-ups “Pop-ups” then click on the finish “Finish”.

Can download tool Popup Blocker Pro from the store, Chrome Store, the browser, to get rid of pop-ups ads permanently, and fast instead of doing these steps.

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