This will be one of the most popular platforms among budget smartphones. Represented MediaTek Helio Helio G25 G35

Today Xiaomi introduced a low cost devices Redmi Redmi 9A and 9C. The first is based SoC MediaTek Helio G25, the second was Helio G35. These platforms have also been announced today, so let’s figure out what it is.

So, SoC is very similar. Both are produced according to 12-nanometer process technology, and both contain an eight-core CPU with the old cores Cortex-A53, both got GPU PowerVR GE8320.

The first difference — frequency. Helio G25 CPU running at 2 GHz, Helio G35 — 2.3 GHz. The GPU in the first case has a frequency of 650 MHz, and the second 680 MHz.

The second difference is the supported resolution screens. Junior platform is the HD+, my eldest — Full HD+, but this is clearly an artificial division, because technically it is not justified.

Otherwise, any significant differences there. Both platforms are able to encode 1080p/30fps, both support memory LPDDR3, LPDDR4x to 6 GB of flash memory eMMC 5.1, both come with LTE Cat4 modem. At the same time, which is also important, both support Wi-Fi 5.

Performance while direct data are not available, but there is one caveat, which is, of course, never officially specified. The fact that Helio G25 in the parameters is a full copy of Helio P22. The specifications on the website there is not a single difference. And the possibility of Helio P22 familiar to us. And Helio G35 differs only slightly higher frequencies. That is, view tests, for example, Realme C2 or Nokia 3.1, and understand the abilities of the new Xiaomi. Except, perhaps, some branded “gaming” technology MediaTek will allow new platforms a bit better to show themselves in games, but this is not accurate.

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