This year you won’t recognize the display of the new iPhone XR

From the very beginning and still Apple produces smartphones with LCD displays. And even strange that in 2019 the market still has XR iPhone with this screen when the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max long is OLED. But loyal Apple fans know at least one reason to believe that the LCD display is better than OLED displays, which from the start uses the South Korean company Samsung in their flagship smartphones: LCD less “yellow” and have fewer problems with the calibration.

iPhone XR

What’s new in iPhone 2019

Already for anybody not a secret that this year, Apple again plans to release a new smartphone with an OLED display. What can I say, it won’t be one phone, but two — iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max (or Pro? Who knows, even we are confused). About it I there was a lot of rumors from the most authoritative sources. The same rumors suggest that smartphones with LCD displays are already available.

This means that iPhone XR second generation, too, will use OLED display. Good or bad? If Apple decided so, it means that this technology will be more to delight than to disappoint. Moreover, the majority of consumers understand the difference between OLED and IPS displays, but many do not consider it fundamental, what is often said in our Telegram chat. In their opinion, the advantages of organic matrix before the inorganic is not so obvious to have a significant impact on the perception of the device. And you buy iPhone XR, if it will be with OLED display? Take the poll below to see how many like-minded people among our readers.

Colors iPhone XR 2

Now a major supplier of OLED displays for iPhone is Samsung, to that extent unusual, since Apple and South Korean giant is considered to be the main competitors. However, in Cupertino understand it, and have already started to look for other production options screens. So, China’s BOE Technology Group plans to start producing OLED displays for future iPhone generations. Well, LG, they have — in theory is also a major supplier.

Why Apple doesn’t make screens itself

In fact, nothing prevents a Corporation to establish its own production of the main scarce component of modern smartphones — OLED displays. Information indirectly confirmed recent rumors that are misleading about the purchase of Apple equipment for the production of screens. It is expected that this action will help the company to reduce its dependence on other suppliers, including Samsung.

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What will the iPhone 2 XR

iPhone XR 2 will receive double the camera

Most likely, iPhone XR second generation will receive the same platform under the camera, and the iPhone 11. And despite the fact that XR 2 will be equipped with only two instead of three modules, which were designed to be this platform. Based iPhone XR 2 lie the A13 processor Bionic with the same 3 GB of RAM.

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