Thousands of Swedes say they implanted chips under the skin to replace ID cards

Owns thousands of Swedes chips electronic implanted in their bodies sing their campaign of cards to open doors, ID cards and train tickets.

Reported “France Presse” to about 3,000 people in Sweden were admitted to the bar of a small size like a grain of rice under their skin during the last three years, and the use of technology for the first time in the country in 2015.

And replaced the chip ulrika Chelsea Trang 28-year-old, which she planted in her hand, lining her own gym and library card in addition to ID card, and when you go to her place of work, they simply waving her hand near the small box to open doors, reported the AFP news agency.

And ulrika to slide helped by the already profit time and exploitation campaign on a range of cards relating to daily Essentials.

In the past year, began the railway line SJ of the Swedish government’s survey of the hands of the passenger to collect the fare train their own automatically from their bank accounts, and reports referred to it being choose to use the chips to buy things such as credit cards.

One of about 50 employees in the company, “rich square Square”, a company specializing in the sale of machinery sale in Wisconsin, on the introduction of the minute segments in their hands, which they can use to buy snacks, or log on to the computers, or use the copy machine and etc.

In regards to damage potential victim, said Ben lebreton specialist in Microbiology in the Laboratory of Max in southern Sweden, told AFP that this process can cause infection or reactions in the immune system of the body in some cases.

This x-ray in Leeds person with a small farm between the thumb and forefinger.

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