Three-dimensional images can shows us how we may seem to phone Sharp folding


Obviously, smart phones folding is the next big thing in smartphone technology. So far, we have seen smart phones folding of my company Samsung and Huawei only, but we expect to see other phones in the folding of other companies, it seems that the company, Sharp will be one of them.

In 2017, the company filed a patent appeared in the official website of the Bureau of World Intellectual Property. Illustrate the graphics below, the design of the device and its functions. To understand the design of this phone is folding over, the organizers of the site LetsGoDigital create computer images won’t be three-dimensional models of this phone. These pictures show us a smartphone with a long without frame can be folded vertically similar to the phones of psoriasis.

It is interesting to find that the design of this phone depends on a hinge so you can fold the phone in the middle or make the top of the screen protrudes a little bit. In this way you can quickly check for new messages, and even read it. However, we can’t find the front camera in any place like that back of the phone includes only one camera. Of course, such a design of the year 2017, so it certainly will change before the launch date of the phone, it is likely that you find a company Sharp adequate space for more than one camera, especially in such a phone charge.

However, keep in mind that everything we see in the patents don’t turn into reality. In the case if a company Sharp already bent on the launch of the smart phone foldable, there’s a chance to be much different from what we see in these images.

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