Three-dimensional printing is trying to end the tragedy of homelessness

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Think a printing company and a non profit organization they found a solution to global poverty is the home of printed in 3D Printing, but activists warn that this solution may not be as simple as it seems, where the foundation and the New Story charity dedicated to providing shelter to poor communities with the printing company three-dimensional ICON design is suitable can be constructed using the three-dimensional printer in less than a day and cost up to about $ 4000.

The first house printed in three dimensions for the first time during this year within the Conference and festival South by Southwest, although the company ICON to indicate that they built prototypes, but this new product is the first house livable, so that the total area of the region between 55 and 75 square metres, while the charity to be its first projects will be in rural areas in Central America.

And the simplicity of the product, the question that arises revolves around you this product is a solution to help alleviate poverty in a major American city for example, according to a report in 2017 on the Department of housing and Urban Development in the United States, The total number of people who suffer from some form of homelessness in the United States about 554 thousand people, and half of these people in five states.

It should be noted that the technology of the print product to three-dimensional is not new, as the company Apis Cor headquarters in San Francisco during the past year the printing house is much larger in 24 hours, using materials nearly identical to materials used in the printing of the new product, where the cost of printing the product at that time, more than 10 thousand dollars, and boast Apis Cor first printer portable three-dimensional world can be easily transported.

Said Jason Ballard, Founding Partner of ICON the printer company’s three-dimensional can be moved by just two people, with a few other helps of construction, he also said that his company expects to exceed the level of energy and comfort in the standards of traditional construction, thanks to the materials and styles.

There are at present many of the problems related to this idea on a technical level, as explained magazine MIT Technology Review, issued by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT to the idea that the printer was going to take out a home reliably is dreamy, so that idea has been around for years, printers or the houses always face the problem in hardware, and that the purpose of areas like this is to be temporary and not permanent homes.

Can provide three-dimensional printing that will give a big boost to the construction industry which is considered slow currently, and the companies working in this field develop their work so anyone can get a place to live, through the technique of three-dimensional printers revolutionary small enough to move it, as help such a technique on reducing the costs of assembly and construction, so that they can get a place to live environmentally friendly and very affordable.

Three-dimensional printing is trying to end the tragedy of homelessness

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