Three ways to donate to health and speech online

It is true that the internet and technology facilitated the charitable fundraising process, but it also made it easy on contributors and donors also, and provided them with ways and means of easy and fast on the delivery of aid to the needy, both who are in the same diameter or at the ends of the Earth.

But what we are considering today is not donating money, but donating to health, yes, images that speak, images that possess the vast majority of humans today, the voice that is a gift the Lord that give all people, rich and poor, and there are technical today to give us creative ways to donate to health, so that he can have only his voice, that donates and contributes to the taste of tender.

In the following we will mention you 3 practical ways to donate to health, it may be strange or unknown, but it exists, and what more wonders existing in the online world which does not belong to grid, and get tired of hearing its benefits, this article is one of these weird the unexpected, so let’s go let’s explore this.

Donate to health

If you search in the internet in English content words (Voice Donation) would have found some pages and websites useful in this regard, but we’re here, we’re in it we will cover other types of contributions to health and speech, where we’re leaving three classifications under the umbrella of this title of the petition:

  • (1) the donation of Health for education
  • (2) the donation of Health for development
  • (3) donate to health for the modern man

Donate for to help the language learners

A while ago you reviewed one of the sites heritage and assistance in the field of language learning via a YouTube channel, I was (Tatoeba website), the folder that contain millions of everyone is multilingual, a person could add a sentence in your native language, another person comes from another language and translate the sentence into your language, so that it becomes per dose, ten or twenty translations, all through the contribution of members and casual users, and so over the past years has grown that organization even today has become a landmark and important for anyone who learns any other language.

Anyone can contribute by adding or translate new sentences, or add to pronounce the sound of any sentence, this phonetic pronunciation will help a lot of with regard to their language to read and listen all at the same time, they learn pronunciation from its sources, hence the idea of donating to Health, anyone can from any language to travel and what he wants of sentences available do not pronounce the sound, that registers itself as he reads the sentence and then reject it to the site via a specific mechanism, to help learn the Arabic language through this free website.

Can go to the site via THIS LINK, and you can also read more about contributing to the pronunciation of sentences and phrases –cross-this page– , note that the site is free and non profit content, which is available under the Creative Commons license.

Also; there’s A and famous, is specialized in providing the phonetic pronunciation of words and phrases short for with regard to foreign languages, not only in English but in many languages, including Arabic, that’s the site for “Forno” (Forvo), and the registry, and contributing to the pronunciation of words and phrases of Arabic, even though there was the pronunciation of my voice earlier, and the site is trying to all the biggest number of accents and voices from different parts of the world (click here to see available languages, or here to contribute in the pronunciation of Arabic words).

Donate to health for the hardware development

The company provides Mozilla (developer of Firefox browser) the site of special compile the votes and provide the base data can be utilized in the development of devices and applications that depend on dealing with the human voice (Speech Recognition), for example, aid the person today such as the Google Home Amazon’s Alexa has become well-known in the technical community, has become a trend to it and to develop applications of the most important trends in technical world today, one of the most important tracks of the development in this area is to improve the ability of devices to understand the human (via the sound), and improve the human capacity to understand the voices of those devices.

Development in this area requires that there be a large database consisting of human sounds, for example the development of applications and the (Data mining) or (data mining) requires that you have developer large database of written texts, you will find a lot of sources in this area, but in regards to dealing with audio, unfortunately, sources are scarce, therefore, launched this initiative that relies on volunteers from around the world.

Offer the Mosley site name (Common Voice) the product is considered that under the base of the audio data, divided the donation into two parts, the first to participate in donation to health, the second to participate in the transformation of the community that sends its volunteers, and through collective effort, is to build this base, which is under an open license for everyone and not just for the soil.

The donation process as easy and fun at the same time, what would you click on the record button even show you some of the beauty in front of you and you have connected the microphone and then start to pronounce them one after the other, you will be able to review the recordings and then filed or re-recorded or even delete it if you fell in it.

Contribute in the construction of this database is available for several languages, but Arabic -and other languages – is still under development and data collection script (Friday), you can find supported languages and other details –via this page–

Donate health to help the community crying

While I was listening to dream of the episodes of the podcast pleasurable and interesting (TED Radio Hour), which is a interviews with some of the interlocutors of the platform TED, conversations short with them about their ideas and their accomplishments, the decision in the episode entitled(Extrasensory) dialogue with a woman called (rubles petals) Expert Voices presented a lecture through the platform of Ted, and spoke about identity, voice, and how it can help teachers who are not able to speak, that have voices of their own via computers, instead of sounds that were similar and used by millions of people around the world (such as the images that it uses world of the late: Steve hook).

She spent “rubles” her life for this idea, during the past years launched with her team a special website (VocaliD) which offers several services, including on assistance to crying in the creation of the sound of the automatic close of their characters and their original voices, but in order to achieve that goal there must be donors cast their votes, so that the system can integrate the voice of the donor with the ringtones and sounds simple throat on that issue, and then configure the new voice dedicated to those in need.

The site has a special page to register donors, there are more than 25 thousand people they made a donation to cast their vote, and anyone can create a new account and then start the process that may take several hours, you will be offered the program sentences and phrases, simple English, or whole paragraphs, you have to read it out loud to his normal and the same across the microphone, the language available is English, but even non-museum trio Indigenous Peoples; welcome.

Been named this inventory is large(the Bank of human voices) or (The Human Voicebank), a large database is available Of Your who want to get the new sounds suitable for them (paid and free), You will be able to choose from among all the sounds to get the appropriate voice for them, to sell information donors and recipients undisclosed to maintain privacy, but you must be knowing that this institution is a profitable enterprise, offering its services to the community crying for a monthly or yearly fee and not free of charge, also offer other services in the field of conversion of text to speech (Speech to Text).

That was the means of giving and generosity, even if you are not convinced by any of the above, it is enough to take the idea from this board and which side may be non-visible.

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