Three-wheeled electric car from Canada shocking to its first owner

New companies that were going to engage in the production of electric vehicles, was a huge set. Most of them died, and not showing any product. Survived by Tesla, but not limited to it. The canadian company Electra Meccanica start its activities in 2015, and she recently began selling his car Solo $ 15 million dollars.

Why three-wheeled car called Solo? It’s got three wheels, but only one seat – the driver’s seat. It makes the car very compact. He is even smaller than the Smart. It is impossible not to notice that he looks like an ordinary car, who sawed off the back half. Besides it is very low. Its length is 3 meters and the height is only 1.2 meters.

Electra Meccanica-Solo features an electric motor with a capacity of 82 horsepower, which is powered by battery 17 kilowatt-hours. The car can be charged in three hours. From a regular wall outlet it will charge in six hours. On a single charge can travel 160 kilometers.

The car looks great front and very unusual looks from the back. It is equipped with disc brakes and two doors, despite the fact that the seat is only one. On the instrument panel shows speed and battery, and still have the Kenwood radio. Otherwise it looks quite plain, and empty. This is not Tesla. Of course, there are the wipers, and heating system.

To accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour the car is capable of 8 seconds. The result is not too impressive in numbers, but he will impress, if you stay behind the wheel of this small and low three-wheeled vehicles. In addition, you are guaranteed to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians.

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