Thunderbolt 4 requires to raise the level of USB devices-C

Intel announced the details of its standard law (Thunderbolt 4), and may make new requirements, some makers of PCs, such as Microsoft, which have avoided crossings due to security risks, they think of using it again.

Illustrates the intel that the new standard requires protection against the attacks of the memory direct (DMA), such as the vulnerability of the recent (Thunderspy).

This allows the migration theory, hackers stole data from the device, even if the computer is locked the storage disk encrypted.

Intel says: it’s planning to charge controllers (Thunderbolt 4) to manufacturers later this year, can expect to see on the laptops of the project (Project Athena) at almost the same time.

Must support computers (Thunderbolt 4) either two monitors in 4K or screen with a resolution of 8K, along with data-transfer speeds via (PCIe) up to 32 Gbps, double the minimum requirements for the second part of the standard.

The new standard also for the corporate Guarantee up to four ports (Thunderbolt 4), which constitutes a rise compared with the maximum that can be provided by devices (Thunderbolt 3) self-implementing.

Will computers and cables and new of the new standard is also compatible with the cables of the former camp and its accessories.

Adds Intel also requirements that are more stringent than that will make the use of laptops, the new standard better.

And the company from the manufacturers of laptops, thin and light that you need to power less than 100 watts for the provision of charging USB-C based (Thunderbolt 4) on the at least one outlet.

The notebooks containing the new standard to be able to wake up from sleep mode through a keyboard or a mouse connected through the platform (Thunderbolt).

Come specifications enhanced with ready-to – (USB-IF) to specification (4 USB) standard, which is to bring many of the advantages of the standard (Thunderbolt 3), such as the transmission speed of up to 40 gigabits per second and supporting the best person for Foreign Affairs, The Standard Key which does not impose a license fee.

It is expected the launch of the first computers and accessories with the new standard from Intel later this year, starting with the Intel processors coming (Tiger Lake).

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