Tick tock will the government of Trump during the current week

The more than once about the ongoing problems between the government of Trump and Tik Tok and other Chinese apps such as WeChat, and the last and the most important events is the application of Donald Trump the decision of the executive ban Tik Tok during the 45 day, which is what I paid last because you know today officially announced its intention to sue the government of Trump during the current week!

According to Radio NPR and reliable source of Tik Tok herself, the company intends to file a lawsuit federal next Tuesday, this suit will in a court in California, United States, which is the same area where the headquarters of Tik Tok official America.

The lawsuit will address the ban’s sudden Trump on the one hand, on the other hand would address an extremely important point which is that the government did not give the opportunity for tuk to clarify its position, and that the ban has been without signs and investigations effectively, on the other hand, he rejected the White House to comment on the decision of Tik Tok.

Source: Gizchina

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