Tickets to flight of Blue Origin towards the space may cost up to 300 thousand USD


I have a company Blue Origin founded by the founder of Amazon, Mr. Jeff Bezos plans to carry passengers into space on short trips. As you might imagine these flights to space will not be cheap at all. Reportedly, the thinking of the company in the pricing of the tickets is estimated at 300 thousand USD.

Of the space vehicle of the new ” Shepard ” of the company Blue Origin tour to the space over the next year. And the news agency Reuters , citing two people familiar with the plans of the company, it plans to pricing flights into space at a price ranging between 200 thousand and 300 thousand USD for the first flight into space.

Already executives in the company Blue Origin said that they are planning for a pilot with passengers on board the new spacecraft ” Shepard ” soon they start selling tickets in the year 2019. Even with the payment of 300 thousand USD, you will be able to passengers of increased space without orbital for a few minutes. They will be able to experience weightlessness and get to the curvature of the earth.

Containing the spacecraft on the six windows of the watch has a length of approximately three times the existing Windows in the Boeing 747. Can make the trip a whole independently with umbrellas that hinder the spacecraft to earth.

Citing the staff very knowledgeable on the plans of the company Blue Origin when it comes to price, it has explained to the writer that will be the ticket pricing in the range of 200 thousand to $ 300 thousand dollars. Another staff member said that the tickets will be 200 thousand dollars at least. Did not confirm the company Blue Origin or implementation of this report so far.


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