TidyBuds Pro the latest wireless headset from HiFuture-old charging up to 100 hours

The company announced HiFuture about the new version of the wireless headsets TidyBuds Pro, which features year-old charging up to 100 hours, with a maintained capacity battery 3000 mAh.

The firm revealed HiFuture in the Indian market today for the wireless headset with the specifications for the new, so called headset TidyBuds Pro portfolio capacity of 3000 mAh.

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Supports a large holster for TidyBuds Pro Wireless age recharge up to more than 100 hours, as it can be for the province to support the work as a base charge for smartphones.

Can headphones TidyBuds Pro to the age of charging up to 8 hours, with the sky battery capacity 75 mAh, while supporting the portfolio continued charging the wireless speaker up to 100 hours of listening to music.

Also supports headset TidyBuds Pro Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, and also supports the range of communication up to 10 meters, come to the sky wireless standards IPX4 for water and dust resistance, and offers performance good audio crisp and clear with less noise, and you can also control the wireless speaker via touch, where you can control music playback, receive calls, and activate the digital assistant.

It is planned that you’d expect to hear TidyBuds Pro with three of the endings rubber the ear, as the sky wireless TidyBuds Pro two colors are black and white.


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