Tik Tok stops its business in the US

We are all aware now of the ongoing problems between the Trump government and ByetDance, the company that owns the video application and communication, TikTok, and the last thing that happened is that TikTok is now subject to a comprehensive ban at any time in the United States of America, unless negotiations and lawsuits succeed.

Things have reached that ByetDance has two solutions, the first solution is to accept the Tik Tok ban in America, and the second solution is to sell Tik Tok and its entire operations in the United States to an American company, with companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Twitter appearing in the picture.

It seems that ByetDance does not intend to sell Tik Tok, as the company has formally filed a lawsuit and is still awaiting a response from the judiciary and its ruling, but today TikTok has closed all its operations in the United States of America until the court decision is issued.

The suspension of Tik Tok operations in the United States negatively affected the 1500 employees of Tik Tok offices as well as the thousands of partners who cooperate with the company, and the company has indicated more than once that Tik Tok operations in the United States are already carried out by American people (i.e. They run it) So why the ban?

Source: Gizchina

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