Tik Tok TikTok – the application is controversial because of its content of the gas decent!

The application of Tik Tok TikTok is the application famous can watch short video clips, the app is widely popular in the United States, India, China and also in some Arab states, except that the barbs are constantly found to Tik Tok TikTok because of its content “inappropriate” which prompted some states to block it completely!تيك توك TikTok - تطبيق مثير للجدل بسبب محتواه الغير لائق!

تيك توك TikTok - تطبيق مثير للجدل بسبب محتواه الغير لائق!

India decides to withhold Tik Tok TikTok

The Supreme Court of India decision to remove the application of Tik Tok TikTok from app stores because it is used to spread pornography on the words of the court. Been sending the government to the Apple TV and Google and also company ByteDance owners to investigate and already remove the app from the Google Play Store and the father are storm yesterday.

Represent that decision dealt a serious blow to the development Tik Tok TikTok where have app a wide popular base in India, more than 120 million users. The content is inappropriate that you believe so much in a conservative society such as Indian society and the inability of the developer – or its willingness – in control is what prompted the Indian authorities to block the app.

الهند تقرر حجب تيك توك TikTok

الهند تقرر حجب تيك توك TikTok

Previous accidents in other states!

India is not alone troubled by the application of Tik Tok TikTok has already been Commission, the Federal Trade of the United States requiring the application to pay a fine estimated at 5.7 billion USD due to its data collection on users of the Palace (who did not take the age of 18 years) as well as requiring the app to delete their own content as well as force him to put the option to make it work.

Also the judicial authorities in Bangladesh book app completely in the framework of the campaign “war on porn” there, according to news reports. Those two in the United States and Bangladesh occurred in February last.

The developer responded ..

The Chinese company developed to investigate known as ByteDance responded in an official statement, not trying to control and delete video clips against the violation of the rules of publishing on the app, it also reported that it has deleted more than 6 million video stores in India alone.

Tik Tok TikTok .. the rise of the rapid development of controversial!

The application of Tik Tok TikTok has been firstly launched in China on behalf of Douyin 2016 and then promotes the guidance in the rest of the world under the name Tik Tok TikTok 2017 which is the same year that the company is the developer and purchase the app product photo most My Heart.ly in the deal amounted to a million dollars and then merge the practical with the 2018 and retain the name of Tik Tok TikTok.

The application of Tik Tok TikTok app was the most downloaded of the Store App Store and Google Play surpassing social networking applications traditional Can You app more than million registered users in the application of them 500 million monthly active users, the real problem is that for the wide spread among teens who post videos may not be suitable for his age.

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