Tik Tok to respond formally to the U.S. ban

Long and T Tok faced many problems with the United States and other countries, and another is what it’s come to is that the White House has issued an executive decision prevents the tick tock of dealing with corporate America and its dealings material during the 45 day rule two.

Day replied Tik Tok formally that the U.S. ban in a statement to the effect that the update that the company “was surprised” this decision, which was released quickly without the legal steps that must precede it, such as the company stated that they had indicated their intention clear and its willingness to cooperate with the government and government officials both in the United States or other.

Reported tick tock too -and the Royal ByetDance – it has not and will not share user data with Chinese government is apprehensive of the United States largest. In general, the statement of Tik Tok is pretty typical and is not expected to make any change in the decisions of the United States, and Huawei is an excellent example of that!

Source: Gizchina

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