TikTok confirms that it will sue the Trump administration

TikTok confirmed on Saturday that it will file a lawsuit against the Trump administration over an executive order requiring parent company ByteDance to withdraw TikTok business in the US. This is the first time that the company has confirmed that it will actually file a lawsuit, a move that has been rumored for many weeks. Reports began to emerge on Friday that a lawsuit was likely imminent.

"Although we strongly disagree with management concerns, for nearly a year we have sought to engage in good faith to offer a constructive solution," said Josh Gartner, a spokesman for TikTok, in a statement to The Verge. He added, "What we directed instead is the lack of due process, as the management did not pay attention to the facts and even tried to enter itself in negotiations between private companies."


He also added: “To ensure that the rule of law is not neglected and that our company and our users are treated fairly, we have no choice but to challenge the executive order through the judicial system.”

President Trump signed an Executive Order on August 6 banning all transactions with ByteDance in an effort to "address a national emergency in relation to the information and communication technology supply chain." The order was based on the International Economic Emergency Powers Act and the National Emergency Law.

The order was to go into effect within 45 days. On August 14, the president signed another executive order, giving ByteDance about 90 days to sell or dismantle TikTok in the US.



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