TikTok deleted more than 380,000 videos due to hate speech

TikTok deleted more than 380,000 videos due to hate speech

Since last January, TikTok considers videos containing hate speech an offense and should be removed. In the first related statistics, it deleted tens of thousands of videos and comments and even banned more than a thousand users for this.

The company says that since the beginning of this year until today, it has deleted more than 380,000 videos and 64,000 comments in the United States for violating the rules of hate speech. It also banned more than 1,300 users.

This is the first time that TikTok has published this type of statistics, although it does not guarantee that the platform has become free of hate speech, but it is a step towards that.

TikTok confirms that it provides extensive training to its employees to block such videos that incite hatred and prevent them from appearing in search results.

The company faces many criticisms about its unfair handling of the infringing content. She had formed an advisory board in this regard and was planning to open a transparency center that would allow experts from outside the company to view in detail its policies in dealing with the violating content.


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