TikTok users attacked the Trump app with negative reviews

TikTok users and protesters against the Trump administration's ban on the app rated its campaign app with just one star in such great numbers that Apple had to whistle the ratings!

Users have added very low ratings in which they mentioned that the application is full of errors and problems and that it steals their personal data, and this all happened in the previous month of July according to the source, as the application had 20,500 ratings with one star on July 7, and on July 9 the number increased to 216,500 reviews negative.

The same thing is repeated these days with the approaching US elections and after the war between TikTok and the Trump government flared up more and more, that is until Apple on August 14 reset the ratings again and at the present time the application has 3.8 / 5 and it is expected that the matter will be repeated many times in Coming weeks.

Source: Business Insider

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