Tile Shortcuts : a new application to customize the Quick Settings panel in Android

With the application of Tile Shortcuts, open your favorite from anywhere and directly from the notifications panel or the quick settings in Android.

Tile Shortcuts : تطبيق جديد لتخصيص لوحة الإعدادات السريعة في أندرويدTile Shortcuts : a new application to customize the Quick Settings panel

There are a lot of apps on the Google Play Store through which a user can Android customize or modify the notification panel or whatever panel the quick settings, but most of these apps are somewhat limited, but with the application of Tile Shortcuts the latest in his field, it’s something different.

Where with it is easy to customize boxes, quick settings, and, unlike similar applications, it needs using icons of your system, thus ensuring the compatibility with the characteristic of the current system, not to mention his support for the creation of custom icons for shortcuts.

Also, comes app Tile Shortcuts with the option to add new shortcuts for the apps you have installed as well as activities and URLs shortcuts for special tools in the application of the what and more on the notifications panel, with the possibility to customize their symbols or its icons and its furnishings so that they match everything with the system attribute are used.

Finally, if you are looking for something new to explore, then this app is a useful option, to be available for free download.

But it will include internal purchases are optional, and without ads, that the application supports users of Android version 7.0 the latest.

Download application TileShortcuts on Android.

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