Tim cook acknowledged that Apple has censored

Apple will do its utmost to censor the appearance on their platforms of the content, preaching all kinds of conspiracy theories. About that CEO Tim cook said, speaking at the award ceremony of the anti-defamation League “Courage against hatred”. According to him, in Cupertino believe that I have the moral right to prevent the dissemination of false views, contributing to the formation of erroneous worldview.

“We at Apple are not afraid to openly say what our values affect our decisions about moderation [content] — said cook. — What will we do? Doing what’s right, we provide an environment free from violence and hatred, as well as fostering creativity and generating new ideas. That is all what you expect from us to our customers.”

Censorship in the Apple

According to cook, Apple has made every effort to make their site friendly for all categories of users regardless of their race, ethnicity or country of origin. For example, the company has always hindered the emergence of iTunes and Apple Music music preaching the superiority of white over black, so as to avoid conflicts.

Clearly, however, Apple CEO, justifying the redaction of the principles of tolerance, forgot to mention the copyright content that does not diminish the dignity of some people and not others praises. A few months earlier Apple has restricted journalist Alex Jones, a popular supporter of conspiracy theories, access to the App Store and iTunes, removing his Infowars podcast. In Cupertino explained his decision by the fact that the show Jones incites hatred and promotes a user of derogatory conclusions.

What this means

Whether the rights Tim cook actually announced the introduction of censorship on the branded sites, hard to say. On the one hand, Apple is a private company which has the right to make their own decisions about corporate policy and collaboration with independent partners. On the other hand, imposing restrictions on the publication of content, Apple are on a dangerous path, risking to slip into the devil of totalitarianism.

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