Tim cook called for tougher regulation of personal data on the background of the scandal with Facebook

Personal data need more protection than now, said Tim cook at the forum “Development of China-2018” in Beijing. In his speech, the CEO spoke about the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, calling the actions of the social network is totally unacceptable, and urged the authorities to limit the company’s right to the collection, storage and processing of personal data.

“The severity of the incident [with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica] is so great that all of us should think about the possibilities of regulation in this sphere, says cook. — The ability of strangers for years to see who you called and how it is recorded in your address book — in short, to know every detail about your personal life, in my opinion, should be banned”.

However, emphasizes the CEO, enforcing the law would not be enough. People should understand how valuable their data is and what can happen to them with undue concern for their safety. In proof of cook gave an example of a user agreement, which the vast majority just scrolls down instead of having to read and intelligently to accept or reject the proposed conditions.

We invite you to discuss the security of user data in our Telegram chat.

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