Tim Cook demands the government of America to provide a tool that enables users of the processing of their personal data in the digital world

تيم كوك يطالب الحكومة الأمريكية بتوفير أداة تُمكن المستخدمين من معالجة بياناتهم الشخصية في العالم الرقمي

Student CEO of Apple Tim Cook, the Federal Trade Commission of America (FTC) the need to provide a mechanism to enable online users to maintain their personal data and offer them the option to control and clear it at any time and directly, and in an article for Coco posted by the news site of Time Magazine.

Highlighting on what he called the ” shadow economy” the amount of trading in users ‘personal data collected by companies of the technical case, social networks and e-services in the background without the users’ knowledge to the purposes of marketing the future without taking into account privacy and data protection to the user.

In added that the users need rights to enable them to manage their personal information and advocate to reduce and minimize the use of and reliance on personal data in those locations, where they expressed the need to be safe enough in the time that is available to the user the option to clear it when it wants to.

It seems clear that the intended claim of Tim Cook This is to put an end to companies such as Facebook that you into multiple over the past year of breakthroughs for the calculation of millions of its users, leaking personal data to the company technical requirements and to allow another access for personal messages and view them, which is stated by her about her work on a tool of this kind going through the general enable user to delete all data that is shared with third-party applications.

This is not considered modern strange about the city of Apple that follow are next to the security and protection of users ‘ data permanently exhibiting them as a commodity to attract users to their various products, and highlight it as a milestone and important between them and the company of other technical.

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