Tim cook explains who and why AirPods Pro

The standard refresh cycle device, which adheres to Apple is at least one year. Of course, branded computers, the company updates much less frequently, deferring upgrades for 3 or even 4 years, but small electronics coming out steadily every year – not earlier and not later. However, sometimes in Cupertino allow yourself to make exceptions. But one thing, when the release is postponed to a later date by taking additional time for completion, and quite another – when releasing a new product almost immediately after the device of the previous generation. For example, as in the case of AirPods Pro, which came just six months after the AirPods 2.

AirPods Pro headphones for those who have already been AirPods. So says Tim cook

However, Apple is not in vain added the prefix Pro to the title of new. Thus, Apple stressed its separateness from the main line, justifying not so much a broad spectrum of innovations that will quite fit would be for 3 AirPods, how many early release of the news, looking like something prematurely. However, Apple believes AirPods Pro came just in time, because it simply does not compete with the AirPods second generation. In any case, this position is shared by CEO Tim cook.

Why AirPods Pro

According to cook, AirPods Pro is a headphone for people in the subject. In Cupertino, waiting to see what they will buy, those who already had the experience of classical AirPods and is able to fully appreciate their benefits. For them, the model with the prefix Pro can become a kind of subsidiary in the conditions when it is inappropriate to use ordinary AirPods. Thanks to the support noise reduction technology AirPods Pro can come in very handy in travel, in trains and in the subway. In short, where there is strong external noise, which interfere with enjoying the music.

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We truly are proud that we were able to add to our range of headphones for those users who value the noise canceling function. We look forward to customers who buy a new AirPods Pro, but I would like to suggest that a significant portion of them — especially in the early stages — will be those who already have AirPods, and those who want to have another pair for occasions when you might need noise reduction, — said cook.

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By and large cook right. But, on the other hand, the application range of AirPods Pro is so wide that artificially limit its travel and to buy only as a headphone for travelling, silly. AirPods Pro is shown as in noisy places, and in many other scenarios, making the classical model is practically meaningless. Take the same workout in the gym, for which a professional model will be more preferred not only because of the silicone seals that prevent the passage of noise but at the expense of protection to the IPX4 standard.

Whether to buy AirPods Pro

But this raises a question of price. In Russia, Pro AirPods are estimated at 21 thousand rubles, while the base model AirPods 2 – only 13.5 thousand with the opportunity to snatch it at a discount for 9-10 thousand. The difference is quite noticeable. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that the AirPods Pro buy those headphones of this type have not enjoyed or used, but only the first generation model, whose battery is already worn out and now holds a one hour or two. And since AirPods Pro, by default, offer hard case with wireless charging, which is not at the AirPods 2, the price difference is not so significant.

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