Tim cook has been for Apple even better Chapter than Steve jobs

Don’t know about you, but I have Tim cook has always caused persistent Association with the Apple Watch. But not because the watches were the first truly new product Apple, which was released after the arrival of the cook for the post of General Director of the company, but because both of them initially underestimated. And Apple Watch, Tim cook considered a failure history for Apple, which pull the company down. However, a smart watch and a new CEO has shown the world that big is seen at a distance, eventually becoming the best in their fields.

Tim cook was the victim of persecution and threats from fans

Tim cook became CEO of Apple in 2011, shortly before the death of Steve jobs, who, however, managed to speak to the Board of Directors and to recommend cook as CEO. The Board of Directors approved the replacement, but the brand fans and analysts react to a new purpose is much more skeptical. And, surprisingly, a complaint to Tim cook, in fact, there was only one and was the fact that he’s not jobs. All around the predicted sunset Apple, and no doubt that the company can’t release a single iconic product, and this contributed to the strengthening of the status of cook. You all know that Apple is jobs.

Apple without Steve jobs

Jobs believed in Tim cook and appointed him as CEO of Apple

When Steve’s gone is gone, really- I realized the real difference between preparation and preparedness. At this time I felt so lonely like never before in my life. It was one of those moments when you can be surrounded by people, but in fact you don’t see them, can’t hear can’t feel. The only thing I felt was the expectation of these people. However, when the dust settled, I realized that going to be the best version of yourself from those that could be — recalled Tim cook.

What you have to go to Tim cookto defend the interests of Apple

At first, the cookie was hard, considering that he not only had to master a new position, but also to correct problems that went with this post. Poor working conditions at factories of Foxconn, the failed launch of Apple Maps and the ongoing patent litigation with Samsung. Cook, however, overcame these difficulties and, as he later said, without them, probably nothing would have happened, because any success is nothing without challenges and experience that accompanies the path.

How Tim cook has changed Apple

But, of course, without numbers all this can be considered as empty words and an attempt to throw dust in the eyes. Therefore, I propose to look at the changes in the financial performance of Apple under Tim cook is running compared to August 2011 when Steve jobs resigned as Apple CEO.

Tim cook told than the iPhone SE better than any flagship Android

  • The stock price in 2011 – $ 53 in 2020 – 338 dollars;
  • Capitalization: in 2011 354 billion in 2020 – $ 1.5 trillion;
  • Range of iPhone in 2011 – 1 model, in 2020 – 5 models;
  • Range iPad: in 2011 – 1 model, in 2020 – 5 models;
  • Time software support iPhone and iPad in 2011 – 3-4 years, in 2020 – 5-6 years;
  • Services: in 2011 – 3 service, in 2020 – 9 services.

Tim cook led Apple to success, although few people believed

Certainly, this small list will not be an argument for fans of the “same Apple”. In the end, some sincerely believe that in the pursuit of expanding the range in Cupertino forgot about quality and convenience. However, that is the extension allowed to satisfy the interests of the huge number of users, haters why we don’t. In the end, and iPad mini, and iPhone SE found its audience, not to mention the iPhone with a screen over 5 inches, which even today are the most popular, although even 7-10 years ago this diagonal was considered unacceptable.

Investors filed for Tim cook to court for concealment of the real iPhone sales

No matter what anyone said, but Tim cook is a great CEO for Apple, which may not be engaged in the design of new products personally, but the management company so that they were able to achieve incredible success. Because manual control, which Apple had kept Steve jobs is actually ineffective, because it required mandatory approval of all decisions with Steve. Cook’s policy is to delegate most of the processes, and to perform only the managerial function with which he, apparently, only 5 plus.

Even jobs wasn’t Apple a better CEO than Tim cook

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