Tim Cook : hold your inconvenience phones iPhone

تيم كوك : إوقفوا إزعاج هواتف الآيفونTim Cook : hold your inconvenience phones iPhone

Tim Cook : hold your inconvenience phones iPhone

The remarks are controversial, he said Apple’s head executive to the users of the phones seven should deal with their smart phones differently, and makes it a nuisance heavily notifications that arrive to the phone.

Cook was speaking on the sidelines of the annual conference to the times. the U.S. in the event of the announcement of one of the 100 Most Influential People in the world, among public figures, many spoke of its role in this event.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

In the context of the topic itself, I know Tim Cook said that with the entry application Screen Time to the service, which is applied to assess the duration of Use Somebody for the faith of the applications specific to the device, Ask by Apple in 2018, I know it’s a user non-disciplined, yet I would have thought quite the opposite .

Added official Apple doesn’t design phones the faith to constantly non-stop, give ourselves some comfort, tranquility and Privacy, what is the benefit of receiving dozens and perhaps hundreds of notifications daily on your phone? It’s something that doesn’t add any value to life, and you can’t be a better person .

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